The Blissful Theatre Company’s production of The Tempest comes to the Arden Theatre in June.

As part of our June 2018 tour, The Blissful Theatre Company will be performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest for two nights at the Arden Theatre.  We aim to give our audience a traditional feel, with costume of the era.  As in Shakespeare’s day, we want to share the same light as our audience, and will not be dimming the lights for this performance.  Betrayal, Revenge, Love, Confusion and Magic, this play has all the ingredients of a typical Shakespearean masterpiece.

Exiled on a remote island for 12 years with his daughter, Miranda, the sorcerer Prospero at last gets his revenge on his enemies by conjuring up a ferocious Tempest.   The magical beings on the island employ mischievous means to confuse and bewilder the castaways, who finally see the error of their ways.

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