COMEDY NIGHT – Edinburgh Preview

Saturday 20 April, doors open 7.30pm

Join comedians Sam Wyatt and Ian Lane as they preview their Edinburgh Fringe shows.

Sam Wyatt is recording the pilot for his new Saturday night gameshow ‘I predict a WYATT!’ But with so much on the line will he be able to keep it together? Two contestants, four games and only one host, “I predict a Wyatt!” is a well-polished cheesy grin game show with all the hallmarks of a Saturday night gameshow for all the family! However, what goes on off camera certainly isn’t! A warm up act that doesn’t show, a mother as a director, a tech who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow and one host who is trying to hold everything together whilst his last chance falls into chaos around him.

Paperweight. Spatula. Cushioned tea tray. Chicken lattice. Which weapon would you protect your house with? In this work-in-progress stand-up comedy show, Ian Lane considers how the military techniques of the SAS can be applied to managing an orderly and domestically fulfilling family household. “Inventive, cliche-phobic comedy” – Chortle.


Arden Theatre, Leslie Smith Drive on Saturday 20 April 2019
Doors Open at 7:30PM
Starts at 8:00PM
Ticket Price: £7.50*
*booking fee applies