The Collector – 23, 24, 25 March 2017

The Collector

THE COLLECTOR, the Arden Theatre Group’s entry in Kent Drama Association Full Length Play Festival, is a tense, powerful drama adapted by Mark Healy from the novel by John Fowles.

An unremarkable office clerk, Clegg, collects butterflies and has become the owner of a remote country house purchased with a lottery win. This house must be furnished with all things beautiful from the butterfly collection, to Miranda, an art student worshipped from afar but scarcely aware of Clegg’s existence. The only solution is to kidnap Miranda, imprisoning her in the cellar, all leading to a startling, dramatic conclusion.

Direction is in the experienced hands of Emma Taylor, and the production is staged at Faversham’s Arden Theatre, Leslie Smith Drive, on 23, 24, 25 March at 8 pm. Tickets costing £7.00 Adults, and £6.00 Concessionary are available on line – or from Carter’s Newsagents,  15 Market Street, Faversham.




This Sunday afternoon’s auditions for The Great Explosion were attended by some very good actors who are all committed to the project, but we do need a larger cast for the production to go ahead.

A second audition will therefore take place on Wednesday this week – 22 February, at 7.30 at The Arden – for those who would like to rally round and ensure we have a worthy production to mark this memorable event.

Do contact the show’s director, Huw Jones, with any queries or comments : 01795 890538 or – or, of course, via FB message.

Audition Notice: The Great Explosion

audition poster

The next Arden Theatre Faversham’s production is the world premiere of a new play by BBC journalist Julien Cousins and local theatre director Huw Jones. “The Great Explosion” recounts the story of the devastating munitions factory explosion of April 1916, when over 100 people lost their lives.  This play uses some of the inquest transcript –  kept secret until now.

The play is designed as an ensemble piece for 10-12 performers, who each multi-role a variety of characters.  Each scene flows seamlessly into the next, with minimal use of props and set.  The filmic quality of the piece – with short scenes and a fluid time-line – makes for a fast-paced whole, which both tells the story and explores some of the key characters of this real-life drama.

Rehearsals will begin at the end of February.

Performances are Wednesday 26 to Saturday 29 April.

All – whether Arden members or no – are warmly invited to audition to join the cast on


at The Arden Theatre

Lesley Smith Drive, Faversham, ME13 8PW

For more information, feel free to contact director Huw Jones:

01795 890538

Death by Chocolate

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Thursday 16th, Friday 17th & Saturday 18th February 2017

……One of the last surviving family Chocolatiers in the country try one last attempt to keep the Company alive, with the launch of a new chocolate bar ‘ Midnight Star’  but it’s not just the business that ends up being buried !………

Come along and join in the fun!!

Tickets priced  £14.00 and are available from from Brian 07808068468 or book online

Price includes light refreshments at interval so please state if a vegetarian is required.

This is Arden Theatre member, Brian Booth’s 19th murder mystery play. Featuring an excellent cast including several regular ATG members plus a couple of new faces. Following his usual format with audience participation where you can, if you wish, question the suspects and see who is lying to you!

During an extended interval light refreshments will be served.

Over 3 consecutive nights we do of course ask you not to spoil the fun for others by keeping the murderer’s identity a secret!

Book now

Arden of Faversham

The Arden Theatre is performing ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM on 26, 27, 28 January, 8 pm at the theatre.

This is a revised, streamlined, modern-dress version of the original 1592 script, as adapted by the Royal Shakespeare Company, based on the nefarious murder of Thomas Arden, Mayor of Faversham, in 1551.

The play is anonymous, although attributed to various writers of the time, including Christopher Marlowe, with possibly some input by William Shakespeare.

Thomas Arden’s wife, Alice, is not only having an affair with local ‘butcher’s boy’, Mosby, but the two of them are planning to murder him, and various failed plots are set in motion. The murder is finally accomplished in Arden’s House, the body hidden in the grounds of the Abbey where it is inevitably discovered, and all those involved are brought to justice – execution in each and every case. The exciting story is coloured by greed, infidelity and violence, while offering a fair degree of comedy.

ARDEN abounds with local colour; the Flower-de-Luce, Boughton, Rainham Down, Sheppey, Faversham Abbey and grounds, as well as the main setting – Arden’s House, which still exists in Abbey Street, the backdrop for a production of the original version in 2004.

ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM is directed by Kevin Piper, assisted by Mary Caryer. Kevin, who also plays Mosby, has appeared in many Arden Theatre productions. Alice is played by Katie Blythe, Arden by Richard Stone, both experienced actors new to the Arden stage, as are several other members of the cast. Established Arden members are also well represented amongst the cast and crew.


Tickets, priced £7.00 and £6.00 concessionary are available from The Sweet Scene, Preston Street, Faversham

Or book online via TicketSource.


Top Girls

arden topgirls poster

Marlene celebrates her appointment as managing director of TOP GIRLS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY with women who come from different times and places but have extraordinary achievements in common. The play spotlights ‘top girls’ who, like top men, often achieve success at the expense of their less able sisters. Thought provoking, funny, hard-hitting, a must-see!


Tickets can be booked online here.

The Canterbury Belles

final belles poster

The Canterbury Belles

 It’s London’s Eaton Square in 1879.  “There’s something sinister down in the cellar” In fact, it’s a body and it’s murder most foul. What links this discovery with a pair of batty sisters who paraded around Canterbury and Herne Bay, flirting with soldiers, giggling like teenagers and, in their words, prancing like naughty little kittens? Indulged by their doting father, they are a tourist attraction, dressed about forty years below their real age, slapping on the paint and powder, flaunting their cupid’s kettle drums “so the young gentlemen will scarce be able to keep their dandles off our bustles”.  They are also the world’s worst landlords.

The Really Promising Company has done it again with an entertaining musical whodunit based on a true story and narrated by Walter Cozens, the founder of the Canterbury Archaeological Society and the Canterbury Arts Society who had an abiding interest (or, as his wife would describe it, an obsession) in the twisting and turning events of the discovery, the events leading up to it and the subsequent trial.

It’s a commentary on ageing and the lengths some people went, and still go, to try and turn back the clock.

And talking of clocks…………………..

The Really Promising team of writer Jane Jones and composer Lewis Edmunds comes together again with a talented cast for this roller coaster of a journey featuring the mincing sisters, an enthusiastic policeman, a patronising inspector, two unsympathetic gaolers, a petty thief, a sinister landlord and a cast of disgruntled tenants living in Canterbury’s Blackfriars. The Canterbury Belles is performed by a dedicated company of enthusiastic amateurs with a professional sound, directed by Barry Clayton with music coaching by Jon Williams.

Dates and Times

Arden Theatre, Faversham on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November 2016 at 7.30 pm

Tickets are £10, available by contacting:, 01227 458829 or from Sweet Scene, Preston Street, Faversham

For more Information contact Jane Jones at